I like blue zentai suits

I’ve seen a lot assorted colors zentai suits, But I think the unicolor zentai suits looks more beautiful.  This just my opinion. I can match clothes I like outside it, So many beautiful modeling have to match unicolor zentai suit. If use the assorted color zentai suit to match other clothes would look a little littery.

So many unicolor zentai suits, I like the blue most. especially the light blue looks like the sky. Very comfortable look!

Here are two blue zentai suits I like, let’s have a look!

Blue full body suit with blue coloured.This full body blue suit is made of lycra spandex. This one is brighter than next one.

Full body acovering zentai suit with lycra material adopted,the zentai suit is blue colored.

Serena Williams explain she wears zentai suit just to keep her stomach warm

In an interview with magazine “people”, America famous tennis player Serena Williams said it’s exceeds her expectations that the picture of she wears a pink zentai suit doing practice could be so hot online.


In the picture, she wears a hot pibk zentai suit. While she public in the twitter it’s been very hot around her fans. She explained” Actually, this just a picture I wear a suit, I can’t believe it’s would be so crazy”. She said she must wear a suit like this hot pibk zentai suit to keep her stomach warm. Now it’s funny to practice when she wears this suit.. and she said she’ll continue to wear it.

Anne Hathaway wear catsuit.

In the film “The dark knight rises at dawn”, Anne Hathaway wears catsuit. Dress up as the sexy matchless “cat woman“, showing her gentle and graceful curve.

In order to maintain the cat women image, Anna hathaway must wearing high heels fighting in this film. She did hard work on her film shooting, the director Christopher Nolan Cardiff always praise her wonderful skill.

Jade Green Spandex Zentai Bodysuit

Zentai bodysuit with lycra spandex material adopted,the suit is jade green colored,zipper on back,the green spandex bosysuit is fashionable. Shoes are excluded.Custom-making service available.
Lycra: It’s elastic enough with little shiny,it can be washed only with cold water,the iron can’t be too hot and time must be short.
Whether you choose a standard size or give us custom measurements, each our zentai is personally tailored ,It takes about 3-5 working days.

Do you like this color zentai suit? This color is my favourate!