JEON Ji-hyun wears black PU zentai suit show her perfect figure

JEON Ji-hyun’s photo which one she as a advertising endorser of a sportswear was publiced online. In this photo, she wears a black PU zentai suit showing her perfect back.

Her figure is so perfect, Without a little dewlap.

In the ads, Her black hair is also very beautiful. Her back is so sexy in this zentai suit.

Her perfect figure and candid personality loved by so many Consumers, It’s the reason of she could be the model of this Brand.

I like yellow zentai suits

I think yellow looks very comfortable, it’s bright and conspicuous.

This Yellow & Green X-men Rogue Spandex Zentai Suit is made of spandex or also call lycra, which is a very stretchy fabric. A long zipper has been added in the back.

We have a pair of boots to match it, it’s also a yellow one, very beautiful boots:

X-men Rogue Yellow & Green Artificial Leather Boots. X-men is a series about the mutants which is created in the United States. The boots of Rogues are made mainly for cosplay show, not durable enough for frequently daily use.

Gloden lycra zentai suit

These photos are all taken by me, haha~ No PS, I like photograph but not very skilled.

This is my workmate, a lovely girl(but now we can’t see her face. lol~ )

This lycra zentai suit is a little longer and larger for her figure, but still looks good, right?

The front, if she is stronger, this zentai suit would be more smooth to look. This gloden lycra zentai suit is a little shiny, I like this color~

I like this pose, very gorgeous~ Actually her body is very soft, and her hand can touch her ankle.

Look up! I can see her fingers, very well work, Clipping also very nice that thread is straight.

Loki you naughty! The Olympic cartoon version “The avengers alliance”

The 2012 Olympic Games in London is in full swing, The four years once international sports event becomes the focus of people around the world. A painter hand draw some of”Avengers alliance”London Olympic pictures, Be loved by the net friend. If these super heroes took part in the Olympic Games, What the scene should be?

Black widow——Gymnastics project, she must be a very beautiful colourful gymnasts.

Captain America——discus, use “shield” as discus.

“The avengers alliance”hot supporting role “Colson agents”——Project shooting.

Eagle Eye——Archery project, He must be the winner!

The Hulk——The Greek Roman wrestling

Loki——Pole vault project, Loki you naughty, scissorhands is cute!

Thor——Hammer project

Iron Man——Billionaire, playboy, But also the “great” philanthropist, Is the games sponsors!



The transsexual actress of America wears skin color zentai suit

Amsterdam, Local time on August 3, The transsexual actress Amanda Lepore appeared the weekend activities start of gay parade. Amanda is the first time came to New Zealand, She looks very excited. Wearing a skin color zentai suit.

Amanda living in New York As the party hostess in many cities of the parties and the popular club nightlife.

Fashion design company Heatherette has invited Amanda as a spokesman of many the brand’s clothes, and use her photos as many kinds of product packaging ads.