New Style Zentai Stockings on

Do you think your zentai stockings is so old-fashion? Do you want to try a new style? Here! There are some new styles you can choose. You can choose a zentai stocking according to your zentai suits. Beyond that, there are also some classic unicolor zentai stockings.

Black Cut Out Latex Stockings

Long stockings with length up to thigh part and colored in black, latex material are adopted. It features round cutout, and the round cutout pattern bring a cute felling for it! This accessory is available and best fit for your catsuit in any occasion.

Black Latex Stockings With Red Heart Pattern

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Are You A Zentai Fan?


Here, this is the zentai fans lounge, if you have some thoughts or ideas, you can share it with us! We are will to listen to it! I know, everyday is different, so different times have different fashion trends. It’s difficult to us to seek for the fashion trend. I just understand the “fashion trend” below: you feel comfortable, when you put on a zentai suit. This is the so-called fashion trend! Above all, in order to all zentai fans can wear comfortable zentai suits, we specializes in zentai suits, lycra spandex full bodysuit and costumes. All are cheap price and custom made!

Superhero Costume

Talking about superheroes, the most impressive image must be the special-tailored superhero costumes. They are always dressed up in zentai costume, colorful facemask and also equipped with their weapons. The most familiar superheroes are spiderman, superman, Batman and Green Lantern, we have all them.

Spiderman Costume

Spider-Man is a fictional character, a comic book superhero starring in books published by Marvel Comics. When Spider-Man first appeared in the early 1960s, all people began to love it. There are all kinds of spiderman costumes, and there are 28 styles you can choose.

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Lycra-Zentai Shop: Choose for Your Lycra-Zentai Show

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for visiting our website and this is the new blog of our lycra-zentai. Here on lycra-zentai blog, you could find a lot of lycra-zentai news, lycra-zentai clothes, lycra-zentai dressing styles etc. Latest news and dressing will be presented and I hope you can get some useful information about lycra-zentai, which is also our goal to create and construct lycra-zentai blog. We will keep up updating our blog daily and your great support and suggestions are very much appreciated.

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