Jade Green Spandex Zentai Bodysuit

Zentai bodysuit with lycra spandex material adopted,the suit is jade green colored,zipper on back,the green spandex bosysuit is fashionable. Shoes are excluded.Custom-making service available.
Lycra: It’s elastic enough with little shiny,it can be washed only with cold water,the iron can’t be too hot and time must be short.
Whether you choose a standard size or give us custom measurements, each our zentai is personally tailored ,It takes about 3-5 working days.

Do you like this color zentai suit? This color is my favourate!

Flag Pattern Zentai Suits

There is no doubt that unicolor zentai suits are really popular. But, there are still a lot of other styles, like colorful zentai suits, flag zentai suits, animal zentai suits, one of them-flag pattern zentai suits is a good choice for a zentai lover. Here! Zentaifan.com has many countries flag pattern zentai fits. What is more, you could fill in your accurate measurement and we free custom make the zentai for you, or choose standard size for your zentai on our zentaifan.com.

Pattern Of Switzerland Flag Unisex Lycra Zentai Suit, made with lycra material, has big Elasticity. the color is red and white. You could fill in your accurate measurement and we free custom make the zentai for you, or choose standard size for your zentai. More details and how to measure, please check our size description.

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Count Black Window- Scarlett Johnson’s sexy Make-up Looks

The Avengers is so hot and popular since it was released. However, playing new villain “black widow” by Scarlett Johnson in the avengers becomes a highlight in the film. And then, we together count different sexy beautiful makeup looks.

Cool Black Widow Make-up

Playing new villain “black widow” by Scarlett Johnson in the avengers becomes a highlight in the film. Makeup looks neat and bottom natural, flawless. What is more, the black zentai suit add her sexy temperament . Deep delicate Eye makeup makes a deep sense of mystery, whole makeup look let her temperament is dye-in-the-wood. A blonde hair dyed dark red, dressed in black tights, in perfect body, white skin, she is so sexy!

Scarlett Johnson

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How to Take Care of Your Favorite Suits?

zentai suits

Many people are confused how to wash their favorite zentai suits, the special fabrics are different from regular clothing. So, how do we wash zentai suits correctly? How about the water’s degrees? Whether we can wash zentai suits with mixing other clothing or not, or can we use bleach?


Zentai suits are most commonly made using nylon/spandex blends, but other materials such as cotton and wool are used as well. A catsuit is a kind of skin-tight clothing, usually made of spandex, lycra, PVC, latex. So if you want keeping your zentai suits clear and sexy, the best is washing them in machine, and you’d better wash the lycra spandex suit in the machine. This prevents someone coming along if you’re away from the machine and opening it up. The spandex joker costume laundry methods, do not use high temperature wash, best not to use washing powder, use detergents, hair cream, body wash, high water temperature affect the elasticity, Lycra and spandex the same way as laundry.

Don’t forget to separate colors- a red zentai suit and a white Zentai suit will equal a red Zentai suit and a pink Zentai suit!! You should separate the different colors zentai suits to wash! And the same color zentai suits can be washed together. Do you have some other suggestions about washing zentai suits?


New Style Zentai Stockings on Zentaifan.com

Do you think your zentai stockings is so old-fashion? Do you want to try a new style? Here! There are some new styles you can choose. You can choose a zentai stocking according to your zentai suits. Beyond that, there are also some classic unicolor zentai stockings.

Black Cut Out Latex Stockings

Long stockings with length up to thigh part and colored in black, latex material are adopted. It features round cutout, and the round cutout pattern bring a cute felling for it! This accessory is available and best fit for your catsuit in any occasion.

Black Latex Stockings With Red Heart Pattern

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