Loki you naughty! The Olympic cartoon version “The avengers alliance”

The 2012 Olympic Games in London is in full swing, The four years once international sports event becomes the focus of people around the world. A painter hand draw some of”Avengers alliance”London Olympic pictures, Be loved by the net friend. If these super heroes took part in the Olympic Games, What the scene should be?

Black widow——Gymnastics project, she must be a very beautiful colourful gymnasts.

Captain America——discus, use “shield” as discus.

“The avengers alliance”hot supporting role “Colson agents”——Project shooting.

Eagle Eye——Archery project, He must be the winner!

The Hulk——The Greek Roman wrestling

Loki——Pole vault project, Loki you naughty, scissorhands is cute!

Thor——Hammer project

Iron Man——Billionaire, playboy, But also the “great” philanthropist, Is the games sponsors!



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