I like blue zentai suits

I’ve seen a lot assorted colors zentai suits, But I think the unicolor zentai suits looks more beautiful.  This just my opinion. I can match clothes I like outside it, So many beautiful modeling have to match unicolor zentai suit. If use the assorted color zentai suit to match other clothes would look a little littery.

So many unicolor zentai suits, I like the blue most. especially the light blue looks like the sky. Very comfortable look!

Here are two blue zentai suits I like, let’s have a look!

Blue full body suit with blue coloured.This full body blue suit is made of lycra spandex. This one is brighter than next one.

Full body acovering zentai suit with lycra material adopted,the zentai suit is blue colored.

Serena Williams explain she wears zentai suit just to keep her stomach warm

In an interview with magazine “people”, America famous tennis player Serena Williams said it’s exceeds her expectations that the picture of she wears a pink zentai suit doing practice could be so hot online.


In the picture, she wears a hot pibk zentai suit. While she public in the twitter it’s been very hot around her fans. She explained” Actually, this just a picture I wear a suit, I can’t believe it’s would be so crazy”. She said she must wear a suit like this hot pibk zentai suit to keep her stomach warm. Now it’s funny to practice when she wears this suit.. and she said she’ll continue to wear it.

Anne Hathaway wear catsuit.

In the film “The dark knight rises at dawn”, Anne Hathaway wears catsuit. Dress up as the sexy matchless “cat woman“, showing her gentle and graceful curve.

In order to maintain the cat women image, Anna hathaway must wearing high heels fighting in this film. She did hard work on her film shooting, the director Christopher Nolan Cardiff always praise her wonderful skill.

Jade Green Spandex Zentai Bodysuit

Zentai bodysuit with lycra spandex material adopted,the suit is jade green colored,zipper on back,the green spandex bosysuit is fashionable. Shoes are excluded.Custom-making service available.
Lycra: It’s elastic enough with little shiny,it can be washed only with cold water,the iron can’t be too hot and time must be short.
Whether you choose a standard size or give us custom measurements, each our zentai is personally tailored ,It takes about 3-5 working days.

Do you like this color zentai suit? This color is my favourate!

Coloring Your Days with Zentai Suits

zentai suits

Zentai are outfits that can be used for fascination, showing assurance, courage and also feel to execute daredevil projects like skydiving, deeply sea snorkeling etc.

Athletes in activities such as rate skate boarding, snowboarding, bicycling, stuff etc use matches that are very just like zentai, but are developed particularly according to the actions engaged in the game. Level entertainers like pop performers, dancing performers also use catsuits for improving their actual aspect. The full bodysuit can be used as an outstanding platform for masquerades as well.

What is more, Catsuits are bright and extremely eye-catching matches that are developed to well fit our bodies. But, they are a little bit different from zentai – the former protects the system below the throat but the latter protects the experience and the head as well. Since zentai matches protect the system, you need to use covers to take in when wearing them. Perspective is not a significant problem because you would be able to see through the material in most situations.
But some shiny zentai covered with metal colours or PVC may be more complicated to see and take in through. These outfits have zips at the back or in the top side and they can be easily used.

Jennifer Lopez- “Dance Again” With Nude Catsuit

Jennifer Lopez

US actress and singer Jennifer Lopez performs during her concert as part of the Dance Again World Tour in Santiago, Chile.

Jennifer Lopez

Stepping out on the arm of her beau Casper Smart in Santiago, Chile on Monday, Jennifer Lopez showed off her newly cropped, shoulder-length hair that was done in a mane of wild curls.

Jennifer Lopez

Her hair, however, is overshadowed by her on-stage couture, designed exclusively by Zuhair Murad — especially her nude, hand-embroidered crystal zentai catsuit. The hand-embroidered crystal is so shiny that Jennifer Lopez is more amazing.

Fleshcolor Fullbody Translucent Silk Zentai Unisex Zentai Suit

The nude zentai suit is a good choice for you to match up with other clothing you like! Of course, you can just wear the nude zentai suits, this is also great!

Different Material for Different Zentai Suits

Nowadays, zentai suits are more and more popular, and there are many kinds of zentai suits, such as PVC zentai suits, lycra spandex zentai suits, shiny metallic zentai suits, silk zentai suits. Different Material for different zentai suits!

Lycra and spandex are regularly used for Zentai Fit making, but other components such as natural organic cotton and fleece coat are also preferred options for zentai suit. Individuals salad wearing in full bodysuit want to have of lack of knowledge and solitary from the world and they love this type of sensation so much.

On the other hand, people zentai suit are quite useful to other individuals and as a end outcome of this, zentai suit men will be the focus in the end. However, zentai suit care little about that for they are just experiencing themselves and staying heated.

Zentai suit have modified with the time moving by, consequently, many people have progressively take zentai suit and these matches have win reputation from a lot more individuals. this is because individuals want to change the practice of dressed in the same type of outfits created of identical material since zentai matches can be created of spender, lycry, latex, silicone, pub and so on which can carry different sensation when wearing), particularly with the acquainted style.


Return Policy on zentaifan.com

To guarantee our customers’ benefits, our Return Policy as below:

If your suit did not arrive in time?

None of company includes Zentaifan.com, can guarantee your packages will arrive in a week. We only can guarantee the date when your suit/costume is shipped out. Usually, it takes 5-7 working days for delivery.

If your suit does not fit well?

If we made your suits/costumes in wrong measurements, please feel free to contact us via service@zentaifan.com and we will arrange the return for you as soon as possible. Please note: If we make your suit according to the measurements you provide and the suit/costume you received matches the measurements, whatever it fits or not, we will not accept return request.

If the suit you received have quality problems?

If there are quality problems on your suits/costumes, such as slit(s), hole(s), color fading and other quality problems, please feel free to contact our customer service department via service@zentaifan.com and we will arrange the return for you as soon as possible Please notice that color aberration due to the color effect by the PC monitor and weather condition is not included.

To apply for return, customers must contact us within 3 days after the date when they receive their suits/costumes. Otherwise, we may deny the return request.


Flag Pattern Zentai Suits

There is no doubt that unicolor zentai suits are really popular. But, there are still a lot of other styles, like colorful zentai suits, flag zentai suits, animal zentai suits, one of them-flag pattern zentai suits is a good choice for a zentai lover. Here! Zentaifan.com has many countries flag pattern zentai fits. What is more, you could fill in your accurate measurement and we free custom make the zentai for you, or choose standard size for your zentai on our zentaifan.com.

Pattern Of Switzerland Flag Unisex Lycra Zentai Suit, made with lycra material, has big Elasticity. the color is red and white. You could fill in your accurate measurement and we free custom make the zentai for you, or choose standard size for your zentai. More details and how to measure, please check our size description.

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Count Black Window- Scarlett Johnson’s sexy Make-up Looks

The Avengers is so hot and popular since it was released. However, playing new villain “black widow” by Scarlett Johnson in the avengers becomes a highlight in the film. And then, we together count different sexy beautiful makeup looks.

Cool Black Widow Make-up

Playing new villain “black widow” by Scarlett Johnson in the avengers becomes a highlight in the film. Makeup looks neat and bottom natural, flawless. What is more, the black zentai suit add her sexy temperament . Deep delicate Eye makeup makes a deep sense of mystery, whole makeup look let her temperament is dye-in-the-wood. A blonde hair dyed dark red, dressed in black tights, in perfect body, white skin, she is so sexy!

Scarlett Johnson

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