Anne Hathaway wear catsuit.

In the film “The dark knight rises at dawn”, Anne Hathaway wears catsuit. Dress up as the sexy matchless “cat woman“, showing her gentle and graceful curve.

In order to maintain the cat women image, Anna hathaway must wearing high heels fighting in this film. She did hard work on her film shooting, the director Christopher Nolan Cardiff always praise her wonderful skill.

Count Black Window- Scarlett Johnson’s sexy Make-up Looks

The Avengers is so hot and popular since it was released. However, playing new villain “black widow” by Scarlett Johnson in the avengers becomes a highlight in the film. And then, we together count different sexy beautiful makeup looks.

Cool Black Widow Make-up

Playing new villain “black widow” by Scarlett Johnson in the avengers becomes a highlight in the film. Makeup looks neat and bottom natural, flawless. What is more, the black zentai suit add her sexy temperament . Deep delicate Eye makeup makes a deep sense of mystery, whole makeup look let her temperament is dye-in-the-wood. A blonde hair dyed dark red, dressed in black tights, in perfect body, white skin, she is so sexy!

Scarlett Johnson

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Wearing Zentai Suit Show Your Tender Charm

Zentai suit is the most popular to that allows people to look sexier and extravagant. Going from the stage to our daily life, zentai suits are beginning to give us more and more fun to our daily life, shows and performance.

zentai suits

The Russian girl, Zlata, 26 years old is known as the “softest people in the world”. She wore a leopard pattern zentai catsuit to perform his show. What is more, she has a slender body and let her optional bend its each place, she can make all kinds of difficult action by hand from the rear touch her heel. And then, let’s enjoy it!

zentai suits

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