Which style Spiderman Costume Do You Love?

This new Spider-Man movie will be released on this summer. I’m looking forward to this summer, and I’m curious about the edgy vibe. What is your feeling about all of the things involving the new Spider-Man? And there are some Spiderman costumes, which style do you like?

This costume with red lycra and gold shiny metallic material adopted, the big spider is gold color, yes are also gold. The full body spiderman costume is our special design.

Spiderman costume

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How to Take Care of Your Favorite Suits?

zentai suits

Many people are confused how to wash their favorite zentai suits, the special fabrics are different from regular clothing. So, how do we wash zentai suits correctly? How about the water’s degrees? Whether we can wash zentai suits with mixing other clothing or not, or can we use bleach?


Zentai suits are most commonly made using nylon/spandex blends, but other materials such as cotton and wool are used as well. A catsuit is a kind of skin-tight clothing, usually made of spandex, lycra, PVC, latex. So if you want keeping your zentai suits clear and sexy, the best is washing them in machine, and you’d better wash the lycra spandex suit in the machine. This prevents someone coming along if you’re away from the machine and opening it up. The spandex joker costume laundry methods, do not use high temperature wash, best not to use washing powder, use detergents, hair cream, body wash, high water temperature affect the elasticity, Lycra and spandex the same way as laundry.

Don’t forget to separate colors- a red zentai suit and a white Zentai suit will equal a red Zentai suit and a pink Zentai suit!! You should separate the different colors zentai suits to wash! And the same color zentai suits can be washed together. Do you have some other suggestions about washing zentai suits?


Jessie J Shows off Unique Style In Fancy Catsuit

The 23-year-old songstress has been nominated in the Best Female Artist, Best Breakthrough Act and Best Single categories. She is unique and excellent! What is more, there is no doubt that she really like the all kinds of catsuits, when we fond the cloth once worn by her.

Jessie J

The spray-on outfit is unique and she looked like a comic superhero during a night out — in the Lycra top and trousers echoing the stony skin of The Thing. But, we do very much like her new dip-dye blonde hair extensions.

Jessie J

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Zentai Catsuit: The Best Choice for Showing Your Good Figure

Zentai Lycra Catsuits are worn by a lot of young women for pleasure and fun. These are body tight suits that stick around your body to reveal the exact shape of your body. These catsuits are normally made from Lycra material that shows your figure and gives erotic pleasure to explore their wild beauty and sexy attractiveness.


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