Superheros Like the Same Gesture

When i search superhero on google, i find that many superheros like the same gesture. Do you find this phenomenon?


Participants who experienced the ability to fly in virtual reality were quicker to help in the real world than those who did not possess superpowers, so the gesture is very popular, right?


“With great power comes great responsibility” It seems that with the gesture, superhero will be full of power. Indeed, the gesture is so cool and powerful that many superhero like it.


What is more, if the supehrero costume has a cool cape, and then you pose the gesture, it will be really cool. When you wear a superhero costume attached a cape with this gesture, you must will be cool and powerful.

Strong Batman Hero Costume

Talking about superheroes, the most impressive image must be the special-tailored superhero costumes. If you have to choose one in Spiderman, superman, and batman, who is your favorite hero in your heart? Maybe it’s Batman.

Batman costume

Three artists, which took three months, commonly made the great Batman costume according to the game “batman: gump asylum“. This costume adopts the exquisite production technology, art style close to the prototype design of the game, and it can be considered a work of art. Meanwhile, it’s a quite fashion work.

Batman costume

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Jessie J Shows off Unique Style In Fancy Catsuit

The 23-year-old songstress has been nominated in the Best Female Artist, Best Breakthrough Act and Best Single categories. She is unique and excellent! What is more, there is no doubt that she really like the all kinds of catsuits, when we fond the cloth once worn by her.

Jessie J

The spray-on outfit is unique and she looked like a comic superhero during a night out — in the Lycra top and trousers echoing the stony skin of The Thing. But, we do very much like her new dip-dye blonde hair extensions.

Jessie J

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